Theams House and Gallery

This remarkable gallery and its gardens are a microcosm of Khmer culture, history and art.  Dinner here is an amazing experience. You will welcomed by a traditional Khmer band which escorts you through the galleries in a procession of art and music.

Canapés and drinks are served in the courtyard which surrounds the magnificent, sacred Banyan Tree beautifully illuminated by candlelight. The tree is sacred in Khmer culture and Buddhism, this glorious specimen has sprouted Buddha statues, giving protection to all.

The courtyard is stunningly decorated with lotus blossoms and candlelight giving an ethereal ambiance.  You will discover an array of object de art in every nook and cranny of the gallery; wherever you look is something beautiful to see.

The entrance to dinner is theatrical, over a quaint wooden bridge spanning a tranquil pond with wisps of sweet smelling incense surrounding you. The dining room is magnificently decorated with sacred and traditional Khmer patterns and mandalas on the walls and ceilings.

The most delicious dinner is served on tables stunningly decorated with white table cloths, candles and huge bouquets of flowers. All of your senses will be stimulated and satisfied during this magical evening.

This night will remain in your memory forever.