Wat Athvea

This stunning but unfinished little brother to Angkor Wat is often overlooked by visitors.  When it was built 900 years ago, the Siem Reap river ran straight past on the way to Tonle Sap and it would have been an important trade post between the lake and the city of Angkor.  Like Angkor Wat, it is one of the few temples which face west, most being orientated to the east.  The temple’s lotus tower is lit at night and is beautiful.

We take this already beautiful scene and make it breathtaking by adding hundreds of candles and a stunning outdoor dining area.  The sweet smell of incense and the flower arrangements decorating the tables give the most wonderful ambiance. This feast for your senses is then topped by a feast for your taste buds with our scrumptious cuisine.

Groups of up to 150 can be accommodated for an amazing Gala Dinner from 6 until 10.30 pm.