Kravan Temple

One of the first temples built on the plain of Angkor; Prasat Kravan is 1100 years old and dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. It is a five-tower temple and possesses the only carved brick bas relief ever built by the Khmer Empire. The temple was built without using mortar and is one of the last brick temples constructed by the Empire.

You arrive at the candlelit front of the temple and are welcomed by the atmospheric sound of drummers.  Then a traditional band escorts you by torch and candlelight to the front of the temple and around to the dining area at the rear.  Here you will find stunning open air dining while the temple is lit up with an amazing light show.  Five different performances will entertain you on this magical evening including the most graceful dance, the Royal Apsara dance.

The visual feast for your eyes is then matched by the most delicious mouthwatering banquet leaving you with memories your guests will treasure.

Groups of up to 150 can be accommodated for an amazing Gala Dinner from 6 until 10.30 pm.