Thommanon Temple

This gorgeous compact temple echoes the architectural elements of its slightly younger but much larger brother, Angkor Wat.  You will be dining in the restored splendor of a 900 year old temple complex by torches and candles, while the light dances with the splendidly beautiful Apsara Dancers in the niches of the temple.

Two cauldrons of flame welcome you to the entrance of this spectacular scene.  You are escorted by a traditional band through bare-chested temple guards with their ivory tipped antique spears.  With torches lighting your way, your procession arrives in front of a field of candles illuminating the temple beyond.

During pre-dinner drinks you will be entertained by the graceful Royal Apsara Dance performed in the temple. You can imagine a Khmer Emperor enjoying the same scene almost a thousand years ago.

This visual feast is matched by our mouth watering banquet served on beautifully decorated tables.

Groups of up to 400 can be accommodated for an amazing Gala Dinner from 6 until 10.30 pm.